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Improve the health of your dog or cat and ditch highly processed food. Fresh meat + bestie superfood supplements: Your cats and dogs will thrive!

Improve the health of your dog or cat and ditch highly processed food. Fresh meat + bestie superfood supplements: Your cats and dogs will thrive!

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fresh food, not fast food

How does a meal of meat slurry, veges, fillers, (oh, and plastic ear tags, metal and other rubbish), extruded into pellets, zapped at high temperatures, and then sprayed with synthetic nutrients that the cooking process removed, sound to you? If ‘yum’ is not the first word that came to mind read on. (Perhaps that sounded just like a chicken nugget…equally dubious.) The fact is, what we’ve just described is fast food – and typically high carb – so if you wouldn’t eat it every day, why should our dogs?

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what's right, for our dogs and cats

The science is in. Research shows that dogs AND cats are healthier on high protein, low carb, fresh food diets. Scientists have studied both cat and dog poo (yep, truly) and found that the nutrient digestibility from protein and energy is higher for dogs AND cats on a meat diet than on a kibble diet. (Basically, they get more nutrients from a fresh meat diet.) Not only that, but the poos and smaller and healthier, guts are healthier and inflammation levels are typically lower, on fresh meat diets vs kibble. But meat alone doesn’t give cats and dogs all they need to thrive...


Food is one of the ways we show our love. And making fresh, homemade food for your cat or dog is a great way to do it. However, the #1 problem with homemade cat and dog food is making sure it gives your furry friends all the essential fatty and amino acids, vitamins and minerals they need, in the right quantities. Meat on its own, isn't the answer. (Neither is chicken & rice BTW.) But who wants to spend all Sunday chopping this and weighing that to make balanced meals? bestie makes balancing easy.


Happy Dogs: Both my dogs sit impatiently whilst I quickly get their food organized. So easy to prepare. They can't wait to eat their bestie meal. I have tried putting other supplements with their meals before but they have never liked them. Now I can feed them a raw diet with confidence knowing all their needs are being met.

– Liz

Vet happy with dogs weight loss: We’ve been feeding bestie to our dogs for almost 3 months. They just love it mixed into their raw mince (beef, roo, chicken) and since swapping them over from dried kibble their poos are well formed but soft - not like rocks. A recent vet check showed their weight was down by 10% which made us happy, as they were both overweight.

– Angie


Our all-natural, superfood supplements add essential amino and fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, for balance and health. Easy! (And slobberingly good.)


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the bestie app

No more guesswork and no more worry: the free bestie app gives your dog a tailored meal plan with built-in portion control. (You get the shopping list.)


the 3-step guide

If you're just starting out, making your own dog food can seem daunting. Grab a copy of our 3-step guide to home feeding with bonus ideal weight chart. 



bestie balancers don't just balance the meal. Their superfood ingredients add a powerful boost to the health of your dogs and cats.