Nutrition for dogs made simple

Health benefits of raw for dogs & cats

Why we're anti-kibble

Supporting research and R&D

Our vet-formulated, daily gummy chews are made with ingredients that target the most common canine health concerns. Our balancing pre-mixes give you the benefit of complete and balanced fresh meals, made at home. Together, they’re super-charging dog and cat health.

Therapeutic for them. Simple for you.

Target chronic conditions with natural, active ingredients and the superpower of gelatin, in a therapeutic, tasty, mini-chew. Feed daily.


Based on research.

Clinically effective.

Raw and fresh for them. Easy for you.

You know fresh food is best. (It's true for you, and it's true for them.) We make it easy for you to make nutritionally complete meals at home. Raw or lightly cooked.

Mix balancers with a bit of water. Add to muscle meat. Simple. And does s much more for good health than just 'balance'.

We start with the diet, because it really is the basis of good health.

And a good diet can’t be good without great ingredients. We research widely, consult with our experts and source carefully. We use Australian and organic ingredients where we can and focus on low temperature processing.

That's also why we go to great lengths to use whole foods. They provide arangeof vitamins and minerals, co-factors and enzymesincluding biologically active plant-food components called phytonutrients.

The results make vets happy

But dogs need more than good food

Our four-legged friends also need exercise and mental stimulation. 

In fact, research shows some of our nutraceutical gummy chews become even more effective when combined with mental enrichment. Check out a few ideas here.

Healthy dogs need jobs and purpose.

This can be a challenge for the urban pet parents amongst us! We need to be inventive...

Healthy dogs need boundaries and rules.

Figuring out how to do that can be frustrating, time consuming, and difficult.

We make it easy to be a better pet parent with the bestie health club.

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