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Improve the health of your dogs and cats with our superfood supplements, bake-at-home treats and daily health jellies.

Australia's first daily health jellies for healthier, happier dogs. Vet-formulated, natural, with no fake meat flavours!


Bake-at-home treats you can feed guilt-free. Spoil your bestie!

Vets recommend bestie

"I wholeheartedly recommend Bestie products to clients. The balancers are a simple and easy way to balance up home prepared meals so I can be confident the cats and dogs are getting what they need nutritionally, and it is no stress for my clients. I love the jellies as a simple, easy and palatable way to give clinical levels of multiple nutraceuticals to dogs with commonly seen health conditions, such as cognitive decline, halitosis and stress. The customer service is exceptional too. Amanda is a great communicator. All made here in Australia. Five stars from me.”
Dr Kathy Cornack, Holistic Vets Newcastle

"I love this product! The ingredients are fantastic and great quality. My dog can be picky, but she absolutely loves the Allrounder and makes sure she licks out every last bit from the bowl. I love to know too that I am feeding a complete balanced meal - and it's so easy to do!"
Dr Sophie Dyson, vet

I am a huge fan of Bestie Balancer. As an integrative Veterinarian with a passion for feeding dogs and cats fresh foods, I am so happy to be able to recommend Bestie to my clients. Bestie is very palatable, made from human grade whole foods & the powder is easy to measure & mix with home made food. I recommend that my clients feed primarily fresh meat (raw or lightly cooked) with vegetables and then Bestie does the rest to ensure a balanced diet. Bestie has been especially good for some of my very fussy dog patients who will only eat a limited repertoire of home cooked food as now I can feel confident that they are getting optimal nutrition despite their very discerning palates! I have no hesitation in recommending Bestie products to anyone who is preparing home made food for their dogs and cats.
Dr Linda Tabley BVSc Integrative Veterinarian


Our all-natural balancing supplements help you ditch ultra-processed, dry food with confidence. Our free app helps you get quantities right too.

Our vet-formulated daily health jellies help you do more than the minimum, and address chronic conditions like anxiety, cognitive decline, halitosis and more.

And our bake-at-home treat mixes help you spoil your bestie, healthily.