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Nutritional yeast (also known as savoury yeast flakes, yeshi, nooch, or brufax) is an inactive form of yeast that is a powerhouse of essential amino acids, B-vitamins, bioactive minerals, immune system boosters, and powerful antioxidants. Here's why we include it in our supps including ones that help with anxiety.
Nettle is a kind-of ordinary plant, with extraordinary properties. While it's been used for centuries in traditional medicine and veterinary medicine, today, numerous scientific research support the many health benefits of nettle.  In particular, that nettle is rich in flavonoids that have both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
Broccoli is an antioxidant, rich in carotenoids, as well as vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, folate, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. It is also rich in glucosinolates, helpful in regulating inflammation, metabolic function, and stress responses.
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Apple is a good source of vitamins and dietary fibre.
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Not only an environmentally sustainable, digestible protein, this Australian cricket meal is also rich in calcium, iron,  B12 and B2 vitamins and has three times the amount of omega 3 as salmon. For cats, it adds the essential amino sulfonic acid, taurine.
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Apple cider vinegar contains antioxidants, acetic and  amino acids.
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Nutritional yeast is an inactive form of yeast that's also a complete protein - containing the 10 amino acids that dogs need.
Cranberries contain citric, chinic, benzoic and oleic acids, vitamins C and P, carotene, saponins, amino acids, routine, quercetin, glycoside, microelements (iodine, iron, copper, manganese. They've been shown in some research, to have a role in supporting urinary tract health.
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Kale is rich in betacarotene as well as lutein, and other vitamins and minerals. Kale is rightly called a superfood and is rich in betacarotene as well as lutein, and other vitamins and minerals. Dietary lutein has been shown to cause a significantly enhanced cell-mediated and humoral immune response in dogs. It’s also been shown to enhance the antibody response of dogs given routine vaccinations.

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