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'READING' YOUR DOG...aka understanding what your dog is trying to tell you!

If only they could speak! Many's the time I wished that our dogs, particularly as they've been getting older, could tell me in words, how they were feeling. I really wanted to know as they got older, are your tired of life? Are you anxious?

Well, speaking of anxiety, I'm interviewing vet Dr Kathy Cornack from Holistic Vets Newcastle and Eve from Dogaholics - Dog Training next week, about anxious behaviour, as part of our interview series, Pet Parent with a Brain.

As I've been researching the topic, I came across a very helpful site, with a series of beautiful drawings, designed to show us what dogs mean, when they do certain things.

It turns out that the creators went a step further, and even created an app - which I now have.

Created by Jill Breitner, who's been studying body language since 1978, Dog Decoder is endorsed by many vet behaviourists, shelter staff, dog guardians and trainers worldwide.

Below, is a little taste of how it works: there are a series of illustrations, with some info to explain them. There are even a series of quizzes to help you learn what dogs are trying to tell you! I have to say that there were a few things I completely misread...Take a look at Dog Decoder.


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