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daily health jellies for healthier, happier dogs

Health and happiness…go hand in hand. (Or is that paw in paw?) And while you may be feeding a high quality kibble or better still, balanced fresh food, there’s a place for extras in the diet to boost your dog’s health and happiness even more.

This is especially important as dogs age. Dogs are generally living longer, so they tend to have more health issues, often affecting mobility, energy and the brain.

It’s not just old dogs though. Lots of dogs have seasonal allergies, anxiety, skin conditions, digestive issues, bad breath…

Even if they’re puppies, they can be stressed: leaving mum, moving into a new home, getting de-sexed and vaccinated…we need to start them off on the right, um, paw.

Our research-based, vet-formulated daily health jellies, support your dog’s health, from pup to senior, right from your own kitchen.

With jellies for anxiety, doggy dementia, puppy and adult stress, bad breath and more, this is the daily health supplement in an easy-to-feed jelly format.

Our bite-sized jellies arrive to you as a health jelly mix. Herbs, fruit and vege powders, plant extracts (and in a couple of very rare cases, naturally-derived vitamins), are combined with Australian beef gelatin.

You’ll simply add the mix to water, stir and pour into a container and let it set in the fridge. After a couple of hours, pop the jelly out of its pack, and feed in the meal or on its own. Simple.

(Kind of like that human-kind jelly we made as kids, but healthy and for dogs!) 

Not sure what your dog needs? Take the quiz.


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