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THE PEP-UP immune system supplement

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Reduce chronic conditions with immune support

Give your dog a helping hand, and address your dog's stressed immune system before it causes long term health problems.

This health booster, with adaptogens and lutein-rich marigold and papaya, in vet-formulated clinical daily doses,is designed to support your dog’s immune function and put a pep back in their step!

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Does your dog need The Pep-Up?

Do any of these sound familiar?

Think about your dog, do any of these sound like your dog - all or some of the time?

They get itchy skin, especially at certain times of the year.They have smelly or itchy ears, or have had an ear infection in the last six months. They sneeze a lot.

Have you been stressed in the last three months? (Or do you expect to be?)Are you moving house, going on holiday, having a change in the family (new partner, baby etc)?Have you been getting sick?

Research trials show that the right dietary supplementation can give a dog's immune system a helping hand. 

Did you know that changing seasons can cause stress?

Did you know that…a change in season can be stressful on your dog's immune system? That's because the body - which is a bit like its own ecosystem - has to change how it's regulating. It's not easy going from keeping a body cool in summer and then having to switch to suddenly keep in the warmth in winter.

Seasonal changes are recognised as being associated with health conditions in some traditional systems of medicine like TCM or Ayurveda. Change of season, or extreme climatic conditions are a good time to give your dog extra support. (Pep-Up anyone?)

'Bad' stress can shorten your dog's life

'Good stress', known as eustress, is a positive cognitive response to stress that's healthy - your dog's engaged, happy, and learning. A little bit of stress makes us stronger! While the stress response is a normal part of daily life, it's harmful when triggered too intensely or for too long - and then it becomes bad stress or distress.

What happens with bad stress? Well, in simple terms, the effects of stress on the immune system may shift from immunoenhancement to immunosuppression.The immune system can forget how to function normally. (It's called immune dysregulation.) The system needs a Pep-Up!

Not only that, but chronic stress is associated with high levels of cortisol in the blood stream, which in turn has been related to a number of human disorders including obesity, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, immune disturbances, altered endocrine responses and nervous system disorders. Research also shows that chronic stress from anxiety disorders is associated with shortened lifespan in dogs.

The Pep-Up is based on research

The Pep-Up is based on our consulting vet's clinical experience (over 35 years), as well as a number of research studies.

In a nutshell, this is what they show:

Chronic stress suppresses the immune system.

Anxiety is a form of stress but there are others.

The knock-on health impacts can be wide-ranging and serious.

Adaptogens and other foods and herbs can support the immune system and help it return to normal function.

Adaptogens are also 'stress-protective'.

100% human-grade ingredients

Papaya powder, gelatin powder, marigold extract, ashwagandha extract, astragalus extract, reishi extract, shiitake extract, maitake extract

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    Simone T.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product
    • What's the name of your dog or cat? Piper
    • Can you share anything more about the reason you switched to bestie...was there something going on health-wise? Piper has serious gastrointestinal issues

    Soft Treat

    The first lot I made went mouldy after a couple of days unfortunately. Definitely prefer the hard version. Much easier to store and dispense.


    Bestie Kitchen

    Thanks for your feedback and patience...those gummy chews are getting closer. production runs later this month!!

    Angela D.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Pep-Up makes life more comfortable for Millie

    My little old dog has chronic Cushing’s disease which presents itself in several ways - one being severe skin irritation and flakiness and hair loss. I have definitely noticed a reduction in itching since being on Daily Pep-Up. So, as the disease progresses Pep-Up should make her life more comfortable.


    Bestie Kitchen

    That's good to hear Angie...thank you!

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