Balancers added to raw or cooked meat for dogs

Balancers added to raw or cooked meat for cats

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Health benefits of raw for dogs & cats

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Complete and balanced. Plus.

When you add meat to the bestie balancing supplement you'll be giving your dog or cat:

The right mix of macronutrients – fat, protein and carbs, including the 10 essential amino acids

Fatty acids – the right quantity and ratio of omega 6 and 3

The essential minerals including the right quantity and ratio of calcium and phosphorus

The essential vitamins, including A, D, E

But you'll also be doing more.

Balancers do more than balance.

The Allrounder balancing supplement goes further than just making meals complete and balanced (the minimum needed for survival)

Our balancers for dogs and cats provide extra nutrients that help dogs thrive and support good joint, gut and immune system health. Things like:

Antioxidants: to help reduce inflammation, and support a healthy immune system - important to both puppies and senior dogs.

Chondroitin: helps give cartilage its elasticity, and supports good joint mobility.

Vitamin C: when dogs are stressed or as they age, they become less proficient at producing their own supply of vitamin C, an important antioxidant.

Pre- and probiotics: important for good gut health.

A bestie dinner is also super easy.

Just add water, meat, mix and serve. When you're in the swing, you'll think it's as convenient as biscuits from a bag.

And with our free feed calculator app for dogs, there's absolutely no more guesswork about how much to feed. gives the right feed quantities, tailored to your dog and the proteins you're feeding.

For cats, it's simpler. Their weights don't have such a big range, so we've made a simple feed guide table.

100% human-grade ingredients.

You'd be surprised at the ingredients we do have in our balancers. They're as good as we'd eat ourselves. (Feed 'em like family.®) Our balancers are also free from synthetics and fillers.

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