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Making the health jellies is very simple and very quick. We recommend doing them in fortnightly batches for freshness. To maximise that freshness, we also suggest keeping them in a small airtight container (or wrapping in foil, and then put in the container), and keeping in the chiller drawer, not the fridge door.)

The quantities to use are below, and they'll change depending on the size of the dog. 

This is what you'll do:

  1. Put the right quantity of jelly mix in a small jug and add the right quantity of cold water. Mix & stir for 2 mins approx. You should see the mix get quite claggy and a bit grainy.
  2. Boil some water, and put that in a larger bowl. (Make sure the water has just boiled.)
  3. Put the jug with the jelly mix into the bowl of boiling water, and stir the jelly mix for 3 mins approx. You should now see it gets more liquid and silky.
  4. Pour into a container or a mould and set in the fridge
  5. Pop out or score into 15 doses; store in fridge
  6. Feed daily with a meal

Note that if using a mould, you want 15 spaces of the right size. So for example, if you have a small dog, that would be cavity sizes of about 5ml each. See below for more on that. The easiest way though, is to put it into any container and score it once it's set, into 15 approximately even cubes. 


The fortnightly amount of jelly mix and water is below. In addition, if you're using a mould (vs a container) the following cavity sizes suit:




Do the jellies need to go into the fridge?

Yes, they do. Please keep in a small airtight container, in the chiller drawer.  

Will my dog have a reaction to the supplements?

While our supplements have been trialled with a range of dogs, and contain ingredients we know are safe, there’s always a chance our health jellies may not agree with your dog. Any slight stomach discomfort should subside within the first few days but if symptoms persist, we recommend pausing use and speaking to your vet, as well as getting in contact with our bestie team at If you suspect the supplement treats are causing an acute reaction, please contact your vet immediately, as well as our team.

What if my dog doesn’t like it?

As we mentioned above, we’ve taste-tested bestie health jellies with a bunch of dogs. (Even our own, the pickiest dog on the planet. Seriously.) So we’d be surprised if your dog won’t eat the jelly as a treat OR mixed in with their meal. However, if this does happen, then please contact us at and we’ll see how we can help.

My dog hates taking pills. How is this different?

We’ll send you a health jelly mix. You’ll simply add it to water, stir, and set to create your bite-sized, gelatin-based jellies. The gelatin is highly palatable to dogs, and you can feed it whole OR drop it into their food. 

Can I give bestie health jellies to my puppy?

Yes! Simply fill out the profile, and we’ll recommend something to get them off on the right foot. Um, paw.

What if my dog is on medication?

We’ll ask you about your dog’s health condition in the assessment quiz. If there’s something contra-indicated, we’re likely to mention it. That said, if your dog is currently taking any other prescribed medications, we recommend you check with your vet first to prevent the potential for adverse reactions. 


How do I compost the compostable mailing satchels?

Ideally, these should be sent to composting facilities to be properly broken down and composted. If you are in Australia, please CLICK HERE to find a composter near you. You can also ask your local council if they can provide a composting green bin for you. 

To compost them at home, it’s best to cut them up and place in your compost bin (as “brown” materials). These will completely break down within 90 days in a compostable environment.