Bestie Kitchen

Take the guesswork out of making your own dog food with the free bestie app.


Don't let 'em get fat!

Did you know that about 40% of dogs in Australia are overweight or obese? In the US, it’s 56%. And it’s become, just as it has for humans, an epidemic. That obesity makes our dogs feel tired and sore is bad enough, but there are a host of serious health issues that also result: diabetes and insulin resistance, hypertension and kidney disease, arthritis, urinary tract infections, liver disease, heart failure, high blood pressure. One of the key ways to address this is with portion control. Enter the bestie app.

the bestie app profile building screen

the right quantity

Using your dog’s weight, age, activity level and protein preferences, our algorithm gives you the exact feeding quantity per meal, by protein. (Some protein has more energy than others.)

the bestie app mealplan screen

rotated meal plan

No single protein source provides all the amino acids a dog needs and eating the same thing, day in day out, can lead to food sensitivities. Oh, and it’s boring. We create a 7-day meal plan from the proteins you want to feed in any given week.

the bestie app shopping list screen

a shopping list for you

Shopping for the human family? Well, that includes the dogs, right? Get the shopping list for this week’s meal plan, right on your phone, with total quantities of each protein already calculated.


Easy meal instructions for each protein you'll feed this week.

Add more than one dog to the pack and toggle between them.

No installing needed! Simply add to the home screen of your phone or tablet.


"The app and meal plan really helped us switch up the protein rather than just relying on Roo meat for every meal."

– Sam G.

"...and with the app, we’ve also got the right quantity happening. That’s meant he’s lost the little bit of pudge he’s been carrying for a while and is now an ideal 6.8kg…and he’s more lively!"

– Amanda F.