Bestie Kitchen



There once was a dog called Mondoe

Who only recently went on the go-slow

Until that time

He was jaunty and fine

Almost 22 years from the get-go.


Mondoe was a rescue from Monikas

Already 10 to 12 when he joined us

Almost 12 years ago

And with Alfy in tow

The two of them cute little terriers.


Mondoe and Alfy on the day we rescued them

At the start we thought Alfy was alpha

But it was Mondoe who was really the fighter 

He was always top dog

He’d take on any street mog

He had pluck unlike the Alfy the bluffer.


Most of the time they were mates

But sometimes Alfy got the shakes

When the bones were out

Mondoe’d psych Alfy out

So around the house they’d both skate.


Mondoe loved the early morning

At 5.30am he was careering

Down the hall to the door

Ready for the daily tour

To the oval and new smells dawning.


He had a very feisty streak

He was certainly not meek

There once was that girl

Kicking the ball

Mondoe’s nip in the ankle made blood leak!


He also made a few jail breaks

He was a master of the great escape

(The cunning wretch)

He just loved to be out

Scouting roundabout

We wished he wouldn’t do it for our sakes.


Have I mentioned he had a big heart?

He was tough right from the start

Street thru and thru

A bit rascally too

He chased cats and birds like a dart.


Mondoe’s ultimately had a good life

Without any super major strife

At least in the 12 years

Since we’ve had him here

And allowing for twice under the knife! 


In closing, these wishes we send

To one of our truly very best friends

You were solemn and true

And we very much love you

Now and beyond this end. 


To Mondoe: much loved.

Alfy and Mondoe, on Mondoe's last morning.