Bestie Kitchen

balancers make raw easy

Just add meat to bestie, and in 10 seconds, you’ve got a complete and balanced fresh meal for your bestie. (It's the 22 all-natural ingredients...)

baked treats let you spoil your bestie guilt-free

Just add water, roll flat and bake. In just 10 minutes, you’ve got super-healthy treats, for your cat. (They're complete and balanced treats for dogs, and super-healthy treats for cats.)


To change the way people feed their cats and dogs. From super-processed junk out of a bag, to fresh and minimally processed.

Who we are

We're an Australian dietary supplement company for dogs and cats, started by dog lovers and foodies.

We're on a bit of a mission with bestie. I think it’s nuts that we’d feed our dogs and cats ultra-processed food from a bag or tin. I understand convenience, I really do, but seriously? I don’t eat junk, so why should they?

With that convenience in mind though, what I set out to do at bestie, was make it easy to feed healthy treats and complete and balanced meals, right from your own kitchen. (Using lots of research, holistic vet and animal nutritionist input to do it of course! No empty fads here!)

We manufacture in small batches, in coastal Newcastle, using Australian ingredients where we can (which is mostly). We use carbon neutral shipping and compostable satchels.

We're also super-approachable, so if you have questions, we always answer.

shop bestie for cats

If you want a healthier cat, you’ll feed fresh food. bestie’s 22 super-nutritious whole foods add what's missing in meat, to make a complete and balanced fresh meal, and support gut, immune and joint health.

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If your cat's diet is mostly dry biscuits, they're probably getting what they need to survive. But will they thrive? Add bestie's superfood blend of fruit and supergreens to the mix, to help general and immune system health. (Mix with yoghurt for a treat.)

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Noochies are the super-healthy, ‘cheesy’, vegan treat for dogs and cats. Made with nutritional yeast, Australian hempseed meal, oil and 10 other all-natural ingredients, Noochies support a healthy metabolism, immune system, and gut.

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Crikkies are the human-grade, guilt-free treat mix that's complete and balanced for dogs. Made with Australian cricket protein and 17 other all natural food ingredients, this is the healthy way to spoil your bestie! Simply mix, roll and bake.

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Hempies are the guilt-free, super-healthy hemp treat mix. Made with Australian hempseed meal and oil, and 7 other, all-natural ingredients, these treats support a healthy immune system, joint mobility, skin and coat. Mix, roll and bake!  

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"We have a picky puss and we didn’t think she would like the Bestie because of the natural smell of the powder, but after a sniff or two she clears her bowl, leaving it squeaky clean. "

Susan, bestie mum.