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The ALLROUNDER Balancing Supplement
The ALLROUNDER Balancing Supplement
The ALLROUNDER Balancing Supplement
The ALLROUNDER Balancing Supplement
The ALLROUNDER Balancing Supplement
The ALLROUNDER Balancing Supplement
The ALLROUNDER Balancing Supplement

The ALLROUNDER Balancing Supplement

34 reviews


Plus subsidised $5 flat rate shipping across Australia, for orders up to 1.5kg. (We also offer a 70gram SAMPLE PACK for $20 incl shipping.)

If you want a healthier dog, you’ll feed fresh food. bestie + fresh meat protein makes a complete and balanced meal – and boosts health.  

Meat is great, but it doesn’t give dogs all they need. bestie’s 19 super-nutritious whole foods add the missing elements to make a complete and balanced fresh meal.

bestie also boosts gut, immune and joint health, because it adds more than the ‘complete and balanced’ minimum.

  • Antioxidants, in particular vitamins A, C, E, beta-carotenes, and phytonutrients. Antioxidants are particularly helpful in aging dogs, in reducing inflammation and immune system health.
  • Chondroitin and glucosamine – important for good joint health.
  • Omegas – important for joint and general health.
  • Pre- and probiotics – important for good gut health.

Mix with fresh protein, for a meal in seconds.

  • 100% human food-grade ingredients
  • Animal Nutritionist Formulated
  • 5 gram scoop inside
  • Supplementary food for dogs
  • Shelf stable when stored at 25C or less, if used infrequently or in a humid environment, refrigerate
  • See below for serves per pack guidance

A note re sample packs: 

  • Sample packs are 70grams each. That is enough for about 10 meals, for an average, 10kg dog. However, to work out exact quantities, please go to our free web app
  • We initially resisted doing sample packs. That's because if you are switching over from dry biscuits or tinned food (typically high in artificial taste enhancers and kind of as addictive as eating chips are for us!), then often, a transition period is needed. Our guide to a transition plan is here. That may mean that instead of doing a 'cold turkey' switch, you may need to take a little longer to move your dog over to fresh feeding. One way is to place the old diet and the new diet in the bowl, but not mixed, in the proportions we outline in the guide. 
  • If you're currently feeding fresh meat/pre-made raw, then a relatively quick switch should be no problem.


When you switch to fresh feeding, using meat + bestie, you’re likely to see some changes.

People say that making fresh food is now almost as convenient as getting it from a bag, and they’re more confident they’re doing the right thing. They’re less worried – and that’s a good thing!

They also report health improvements in their dogs, after they've been on meat + bestie for a while:


Dogs are more active with a pep in the step.


Dogs lose weight (the bestie app plays a role here).


Poos are smaller and healthier (and yes, a little less stinky!)


Coats are softer, glossier and skin healthier.


Chronic inflammation-related, conditions diminish.


bestie even suits most notoriously fussy eaters - with the right protein and transition!


6 fruit & veg

Apple, carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin and kale: together, these Australian-sourced fruit and veg make a powerful mix. The orange veg are rich in betacarotene, a precursor of vitamin A and a powerful antioxidant. Kale is also rich in betacarotene as well as lutein, and other vitamins and minerals. Apple is a good source of vitamins and dietary fibre. Shiitake mushrooms add a range of minerals and vitamins, especially copper and vitamin B5. These medicinal mushrooms also contain antioxidants, among them the amino acid ergothioneine, the subject of much research as a natural and 'adaptive' antioxidant). 


Kakadu plum, Manuka honey, and sea kelp: these uniquely Australian superfoods play a key role. Kakadu plum has more than five times the antioxidant value of blueberries, and is super-rich in vitamins C, E and lutein. Sea kelp, hand-harvested on the Australian coast, is a potent source of iodine.

They combine with kale and wheatgrass, which is packed with chlorophyll, vitamins A, C, E, K, and B6, as well as minerals zinc, iron, selenium, and manganese.  

2 super herbs

Two imported super herbs round out the mix:  nettle, rich in chlorophyll, trace minerals and vitamins; and chicory root, high in inulin and a natural prebiotic

pre- and probiotics

Prebiotics, in the form of chicory root and brewer's yeast, support the growth of probiotics, a group of 'friendly' bacteria that help with gut health and in turn, immune system health. The ALLROUNDER includes live spores of B. coagulans MTCC 5856 strain at a strength of 1.47 billion CFU per 5 grams of ALLROUNDER. 

green lipped mussel

Green lipped mussel from NZ contains glycosaminoglycans, glucosamine and chondroitin, as well as zinc, and magnesium, all beneficial for good joint health. In addition, green lipped mussel along with cod liver oil, provides omega-3 fatty acids

cod liver oil

The cod liver oil we use, is made from wild caught, sustainably sourced Norwegian Arctic cod. This cod liver oil is rich in omega-3s, including EPA and DHA, which support heart, brain, vision, and joint health, as well as vitamins A and D.  


MCHA (or Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite) bone meal is extracted from Australian certified BSE-free, pasture-fed cattle. It's a natural bone replacement that provides the proper calcium and phosphorus balance.


Beef bones from Australian cattle are boiled under high pressure for more than six hours to extract all the nutrients; the broth is then dried using innovative low temperature processing. (See below.) They're packed with trace minerals and a great taste!

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is an inactive form of yeast that's a also a complete protein - containing the 10 amino acids that dogs need. It's also packed with B-vitamins, including B12 (typically only found in meat),  has an abundance of trace minerals and the powerful antioxidants glutathione and selenomethionine. It also contains the carbs beta-glucan and alpha-mannan, that boost the immune system.


There’s no doubt that kibble, even the premium kind, is a cost-effective way to feed a dog. Well, cost-effective in the short term that is. Add in the cost of poor health…and maybe that bag of kibble isn’t really so cheap after all. Plus, should we really feed our dogs like it’s still 1950 - out of  bag? (What matters more - super convenience or pretty convenient good health.) 
That said, if we want to feed fresh, how much does it cost? Does it fit your circumstances? Below is a guide…


This little Pom is 3.7kg! But let’s assume we’re talking dogs more like 5kg, then the daily cost of meat+bestie would be less than a coffee a day. Seriously. And that’s way less. For a 5kg dog, you’ll get about 80 serves of bestie out of a 350gm pack and the bestie will work out to about $1.50 a day on average. The total daily cost will be between $2.20 and $5 a day, depending on the protein you use. (That’s not per meal, but per day.)


For an average dog of say 10kg, then the daily cost of meat+bestie will be somewhere from a coffee to a coffee plus a bit a day. For a 10kg dog, you’ll get about 50 serves of bestie out of a 350gm pack and the bestie will work out to about $2.55 a day on average. The  total daily cost will be between $3.70 and $7 a day, depending on the protein you use. (That’s not per meal, but per day.)


For a dog of say 30kg, then the daily cost of meat+bestie will be somewhere between $7.50 and $13.50 a day – based on using human grade meat at an average cost of about 12.60/kg. (You may do better than this.) For a 30kg dog, you’ll get about 61 serves of bestie out of a 1kg pack and the bestie will work out to about $3.60 a day on average.


For a dog of say 50kg, then the daily cost of meat+bestie will be somewhere between $11 and $18 day – based on using human grade meat at an average cost of about 12.60/kg. (You may do better than this.) For a 50kg dog, you’ll get about 42 serves of bestie out of a 1kg pack and the bestie will work out to about $5.30 a day on average.


Why does the cost fluctuate? Well, not only do different proteins cost different amounts per kg, but they should really be fed in different quantities. Why? Well, the energy given to the dog by roo, for example, on a gram for gram basis, is less than that given by lamb. That means you’d need to feed MORE roo to give the dog the same amount of energy as that given by say 100grams of lamb.

the bestie app mealplan screen


While some other products provide a one-protein-fits-all feed quantity, that will mean the dog is being given less energy than they need, on some days. Don’t worry though, the bestie app works out the right quantity, based on the proteins you’re feeding.



Add a dash of water to bestie.


Add your fresh protein.


Mix together and serve.


Apple powder, bone broth powder, carrot powder, sweet potato powder, MCHA bone meal powder, cod liver oil, organic wheat grass powder, organic pumpkin powder, organic shiitake mushroom powder, kale powder, green lipped mussel, nutritional yeast, probiotic (bacillus coagulans), kelp powder, organic nettle powder, organic chicory root powder, kakadu plum powder, manuka honey powder, iodised salt.


All our fruit, veg, Manuka and bone broth powders are gently processed in Australia, using an innovative low temperature processing method, refractance window drying. RWD helps retain more nutrients through the drying process than other typical dehydration methods like drum drying. For example, research shows that about 56% of carotenes are lost during drum drying vs 8.7% during RFW. 

(Most of the dehydrated fruit and veg powders available in Australia don't use RFW and they're also imported from China or other sources. They're often spray dried. Spray dried products often suffer from high volatile losses due to atomisation and high air temperature of 150-300°C, as well as significant nutrient losses.)

RW drying can retain heat sensitive vitamins, colour, phytochemicals content and antioxidant activity at similar levels to freeze-dried products, but with about half the energy consumption.


We're using 100% carbon-neutral shipping with Sendle, and mailing satchels made from biodegradable and home-compostable materials. In fact, even though it looks and feels a hellavalot like plastic, it's actually made from 70-80% PBAT (a co-polymer that is completely biodegradable) and 20-30% PLA (which is a fancy way of saying cornstarch).

In a commercial compostable environment, it will break-down within 90 days. At home, it may take up to 120 days. 

(We're still working on the product packs themselves.)


Transitioning from one food to another depends on the dog, and the food they're used to getting, so go easy, initially.  Start by replacing a small portion of their usual diet with your homemade fresh food and see how that goes. Then keep adding a little more fresh food to each meal as you slowly decrease the amount of their previous food.

Watch for any signs of vomiting and/or loose poo; this probably means you're transitioning a bit too quickly.  If you are, slow down a little.

(Read more about transitioning in our FAQs.)

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Diana B.
Australia Australia
  • What's your dog's name? Lucy Rose

Lucy’s breath problems

Absolutely nailed the problem with the jelly especially .

Australia Australia
  • What's your dog's name? Gypsy

All rounder

Easy to buy and quick delivery So far easy to use and her health ( pancreatitis) is steady

Bestie Kitchen The ALLROUNDER Balancing Supplement Review
Bestie Kitchen

Oh! Gypsy is gorgeous...and thank you; we hope her health continues to be 'steady' or even improve!

Australia Australia
  • What's your dog's name? Skipper

Best Way to Improve Raw Diet

Dog likes the taste, and it is the easiest way to know that my Canine friend is getting all of the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep him in tip-top condition for the rest of his life.

Bestie Kitchen The ALLROUNDER Balancing Supplement Review
Bestie Kitchen

That is so good to hear! Here's to many happy, healthy years for Skipper.

Matthew W.
Australia Australia
  • What's your dog's name? Roxy


love it so far!! no more **** gland issues, coat is nice and shiny and the pupper loves it!!!

Bestie Kitchen

That is brilliant Matt! So pleased it helps.

Tracey W.
Australia Australia
  • What's your dog's name? Sapphire

Happy Dogs

My dogs are loving the fresh food and the bestie.. They look forward to their dinner so much more. They are active but also very chilled out in the evenings which is great. I think they are much happier and I feel great knowing I'm not giving them the awful processed food and looking forward to increasing their longevity by feeding them healthy food.

Bestie Kitchen

That is so great to hear - we're thrilled. We hope Sapphire and Co live long and happy lives.

Virginia J.
Australia Australia
  • What's your dog's name? Arie Oliver Blue

love it so far

super happy with the entire process from ordering, delivery and the support via email. very excited to have found this product, can’t wait to see how Arie responds. we are only on day two!

Bestie Kitchen The ALLROUNDER Balancing Supplement ReviewBestie Kitchen The ALLROUNDER Balancing Supplement Review
Bestie Kitchen

That is excellent news! We do hope Arie responds well...keep us posted.

Tania S.
Australia Australia

Very convenient

Good, quick, helpful

Bestie Kitchen

Thank you very much!

Judy H.
Australia Australia
  • What's your dog's name? Ephie

Bestie all rounder has met all expectations

Very efficient service and advice has given me confidence with my elderly dog's diet . She has accepted it very well and I see improved digestive and general health.

Bestie Kitchen The ALLROUNDER Balancing Supplement Review
Bestie Kitchen

That's great to hear - thrilled it's doing good things for Ephie.

Australia Australia
  • What's your dog's name? Nala

Nala loves the mix

We have only been using the supplement a short time, however Nala is loving the mix. Her coat is shiny, she is losing a little bit of weight and she is just as mad as ever.

Bestie Kitchen

That is excellent news!Glad to hear Nala loves it. (And assume the little bit of weight loss is a good thing for her.)

Australia Australia
  • What's your dog's name? Rosie

Happy dog happy mum

Great service - prompt! Great follow up! Great product! She just loves dinner time now

Bestie Kitchen

Thrilled to hear Rosie loves it.

Sian W.
Australia Australia
  • What's your dog's name? Milly

Seems good

Easy process to order. I wasn't sure if my dog (kelpie x staffy) was going to like this stuff but she seems to; she even likes licking the bowl I've mixed it in so that's good. To soon to see any health benefits but it all sounds good to me. I must admit it does make it easier giving her raw / home cooked food and knowing that if I add bestie to it then she's getting all the vitamins and minerals she needs.

Bestie Kitchen

That's excellent news! Thanks so much for your feedback, and do let us know how Milly progresses. (Glad it's making your life easier too.)

Australia Australia
  • What's your dog's name? Jax & Meea

Good product

Seems like a great product. Dog’s love it. Very responsive service.

Bestie Kitchen

Thanks! We're thrilled that Jax & Meea love it.

Mary T.
Australia Australia

My 3 little dogs just

My 3 little dogs just love Bestie will definitely keep ordering Thank You

Bestie Kitchen

Thank you Mary! We're so glad they like it!

  • What's your dog's name? Gatsby, Rosie + Diva

Super thrilled!!

We REALLY love your product! I have 3 dogs, all of which I raw feed. My issue is that I am not always on top of making bone broth, the veggie mix and all the extra little additions that help boost their diet for every meal. So far though.. 1 of my frenchies has an autoimmune disorder and has been suffering from hotspots pretty badly on and off for the past year. Since being on Bestie (2 months) .. he hasn’t had anymore hotspots!! So we are absolutely amazed!! Our 2nd Frenchie was an ex breeding rescue and came to us 2yrs ago on a kibble diet and a really bad stomach (projectile yellowish diarrhoea for weeks) We switched her to raw and it got better, but didn’t fix it. Again, since being on Bestie, we have noticed she never has runny **** left on her butt, which she did quite frequently prior to Bestie!! And our 3rd dog is a 13yr old Staffy x Ridgeback and thankfully she never really gets sick. But we’ve noticed she seems to have more energy and mobility than before?! So all in all, we are super thrilled with your product. Dogs seem to LOVE the flavour too. The only thing I would like to see changed is a larger bag size. As having 3 dogs I’d like to be able to buy in bulk and save a bit of money. Thanks so much!!

Bestie Kitchen The ALLROUNDER Balancing Supplement Review
Bestie Kitchen

They are adorable, and I'm super-thrilled that you are too! Excellent news. And standby for the 1kg pack...out soon, promise.

Australia Australia
  • What's your dog's name? Jessie and Molly jack russels

Great product

I love the smell and power is easy to mix.My two girls love it to and look for more.l feel comfortable useing the product because of all the good ingredients .

Bestie Kitchen

Thank you! That is so good to hear. Thrilled that Jessie and Molly love it.

Australia Australia
  • What's your dog's name? Our dogs names are Tara and Benny

Bestie's Kitchen for two dogs

We have given our 2 dogs Bestie's kitchen with turkey mince, chicken mince and beef mince, they love it and they lick the bowls clean.

Bestie Kitchen

So glad that Tara and Benny love bestie! Thank you for your feedback.