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THE CHILL-PUP puppy stress health chew

Helps puppies grow into healthy adults

Research shows that puppies are navigating a lot of early life stresses, which has a big effect on long term behaviour. The Chill-Pup gummy chews take the edge off puppy stress, with a B-complex and antioxidant-rich blend of reishi mushroom, milk thistle, blueberry and nutritional yeast, plus magnesium.

    Size: Small dog 10kg and under (60 chews)

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      What's Inside

      Research and clinical experience has shown the ingredients in The Chill-Pup to be effective in reducing reactivity and the impact of stress. They’re in The Chill-Pup in clinically effective quantities.

      200mg magnesium citrate per chew plus nutritional yeast, blueberry powder, milk thistle, kale powder, reishi extractand gelatin, water, canola oil, glycerine, tapioca starch, salt, beef bone broth, MCHA bone meal.

      Help boost your puppy's resilience

      Early puppy life is stressful, and this early developmental period is critical for your puppy’s longer term health. Behavioural problems in dogs are often a result of stress during early development.

      Just Puppy Behaviour?

      Jumps up and down a lot. Demands attention. Easily frightened or startled. Wanting to hideBarking a lot. Prone to diarrhoea. Poor appetite. Has difficulty adjusting to other animals. Stays close to your side

      Is thatreally healthy puppy behaviour?

      These behaviours can actually be the sign of anxiety and help with these stresses, especially during 'fear periods', your puppy's immune system can do with a bit of boost and their whole being with calming.

      The Chill-Pup is based on research

      The Chill-Pup is based on two key research studies, and is adapted by our holistic vet, Dr Kathy Cornack.

      In a nutshell, this is what they show:

      Anxiety manifests in a variety of behaviours - some of which may be a surprise

      The Chill-Pup is based on our consulting vet's clinical experience (over 35 years), as well as a number of research studies.

      In a nutshell, this is why:

      Early life is stressful for a puppy - some affected more than others

      The early developmental period lays the foundation for health later in life

      Longer term behaviours may start here 

      The Chill-Pup helps reduce reactivity and the impact of stress

      Based on science. Designed for lifetime support.

      bestie gummy chews are holistic vet formulated and based on published research, to support your dog's health with therapeutic doses of multiple nutraceuticals, from pup to senior.


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