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THE CHILL-PUP puppy stress supplement

4 reviews

Less stress and anxiety for your puppy.

Leaving the litter, moving into a new home, weaning, growing, training: there’s a lot to stress out puppies!

This immune-boosting and calming health jelly, with reishi mushroom, magnesium, and antioxidants is designed to support your puppy’s health as they grow, and reduce puppy stress.

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    Does your dog need The Chill-Pup?

    Did you know puppies are typically stressed out?

    Do you have a puppy who's recently left the litter, moved into a new home, been weaning, growing, training…and meeting other dogs and getting vaccinated? Not to mention going through ‘fear periods’?

    These are considered 'early life adversity stressors'. (You can read more about that here.)

    In fact,many studies across many species have established that stress during the formative periods of neural development, from the prenatal stage through adolescence, has a major influence on behavioural development. These effects are enduring and often lifelong.

    Is it really just puppy behaviour?

    Which of the following sounds like your pup?

    Jumps up and down a lot. Demands attention. Easily frightened or startled. Wanting to hideBarking a lot. Prone to diarrhoea. Poor appetite. Has difficulty adjusting to other animals. Stays close to your side

    These can be the sign of anxiety and stress...not just 'normal puppy behaviour'.

    To help with these stresses, especially during 'fear periods', your puppy's immune system can do with a bit of boost and their whole being with calming.

    The Om is based on research

    The Om is based on two key research studies, and is adapted by our holistic vet, Dr Kathy Cornack.

    In a nutshell, this is what they show:

    Anxiety manifests in a variety of behaviours - some of which may be a surprise

    The Chill-Pup is based on our consulting vet's clinical experience (over 35 years), as well as a number of research studies.

    In a nutshell, this is why:

    Early life is stressful for a puppy - some affected more than others

    The early developmental period lays the foundation for health later in life

    Longer term behaviours may start here 

    The Chill-Pup helps reduce reactivity and the impact of stress

    100% human-grade ingredients

    Gelatin powder, nutritional yeast, blueberry powder, magnesium glycinate, milk thistle, kale powder, reishi extract

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      Jo M.
      Australia Australia
      I recommend this product

      The chill-pup

      My dogs love this , I just mix the suggested amount through their dinner each night and it’s gobbled up . I have peace of mind knowing they are getting all the great extra nutritional benefits it offers


      Bestie Kitchen

      That's so great to hear - thank you!

      Australia Australia
      I recommend this product

      Surprisingly Good Results

      I have just finished feeding a month of The Chill-Pup to my 2 yr old dog. Although he isn’t considered a puppy (even though he still acts like one), this product was recommended to us when we took the assessment quiz. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first about the described effects of this product. Bestie Kitchen also tempered expectations by explaining the product isn’t like Panadol and results might not be instant. However, ever since my dog started taking the jellies, I have noticed he has found it a lot easier to settle down at night. While taking these jellies, we also went through some pretty heavy rain where we couldn’t go outside for walks. Usually, I would see my dog get fairly restless, but he handled it quite well on these occasions. I could only attribute it to the jellies. Overall, I have noticed a positive effect on my dog while he was taking the jellies and would recommend it anyone who would want to help their pups chill out.


      Bestie Kitchen

      Thanks very much for your thoughtful review - and I'm glad it seems to have made a difference to your young dog.

      Australia Australia
      I recommend this product

      Obvious change in the puppy

      I have been training(socialising) a new puppy who had obvious anxiety issues from day one of coming home. Chil Pup has made a huge difference to his behaviour. It has been a very obvious change and we have been thrilled about it. Very happy. Thankyou!


      Bestie Kitchen

      Super-thrilled to get this feedback, and delighted it's made a difference. Thank you for trying bestie health jellies!

      Anne T.
      Australia Australia

      My chilled out Ellie

      Ellie loved them straight away, she licked them at first. New texture,but very happy


      Bestie Kitchen

      That's great to hear. It will be interesting to see how she goes over time on them too.

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