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THE EINSTEIN senior dog brain health gummy chew

Helps support brain health in older dogs

As your dog ages, sometimes their behaviour becomes a little disturbed. Standing in a daze, pacing at night, walking into walls, are common signs of age-related cognitive decline. The Einstein helps delay this mental decline and improve quality of life as they age, with an antioxidant-rich blend of l-carnitine, vitamin E, C, blueberry and gingko.

    Size: Small dog 10kg and under (60 chews)

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    Improve quality of life as they age.

    As your dog gets older, their brain is building up oxidative damage which may lead to cognitive dysfunction. This affects 1 in 3 dogs over 11, and 2 in 3 over 15 years of age.

    Do you know the signs?

    Dogs are living longer! As they've mautured, has your dog started to:

    - Stand around in a daze or act kind of confused?
    - Appear to be startled for no reason?
    - Pace a lot - especially at night?
    - Act forgetful 
    - asking to go outside and not doing anything when they get there?
    - Forget their manners or training?
    - Maybe begin weeing and pooing in the house?
    - Sleep a lot more than they used to?
    - Lose their curiosity and not be as interactive as they used to be?

    These are well-known signs of cognitive decline (aka doggy dementia). But this kind of disturbed geriatric behaviour can be helped - by supplementing the diet.

    And if your dog hasn't begun showing these signs yet, but is getting older, you may want to consider supplementing the diet, as preventative support.

    What's Inside Can Help!

    Research and clinical experience has shown the ingredients in The Einstein to be effective in delaying mental decline and reducing disturbed
    behaviour. They’re in The Einstein in clinically effective quantities.

    200mg acetyl-l-carnitine and 200mg naturally derived vitamin E (d-α-tocopheryl acid succinate) per chew plus blueberry powder, kale powder, boswellia serrata, ascorbic acid, gingko extractand gelatin, water, canola oil, glycerine, tapioca starch, salt, beef bone broth, MCHA bone meal.

    The Einstein is based on research

    The Einstein is based on two key research studies, and is adapted by our holistic vet, Dr Kathy Cornack.

    In a nutshell, this is what they show:

    As dogs age, their brains age too, especially in learning and memory.

    Their decline mimics human cognitive decline.

    In addition, age-related deteriorations are unlikely to improve without treatment.

    A specific antioxidant-rich supplement was effective in delaying the decline.

    The addition of gingko was also effective.

    The combination of enrichment activities and the supplement was more effective that either one on their own.

    Based on science. Designed for lifetime support.

    bestie gummy chews are holistic vet formulated and based on published research, to support your dog's health with therapeutic doses of multiple nutraceuticals, from pup to senior.


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