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THE PEP-UP dog immune system gummy chew

Helps support the immune system

Many things cause our dogs chronic stress, from changing seasons, to anxiety and our own stress, which then tends to suppress their immune system. The Pep-Up helps your dog have a healthy response to stress, with a lutein and adaptogen-rich blend including reishi, shiitake, and maitake mushroom, marigold and papaya.

    Size: Small dog 10kg and under (60 chews)

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    Improve how your dog's immune system functions

    Itchy skin, ear infections, and sneezing can all be symptoms of your dog's chronic stress and an under-performing immune system.

    Changing Seasons. Your stress.

    Did you know that…a change in season can be stressful on your dog's immune system? That's because the body - which is a bit like its own ecosystem - has to change how it's regulating. It's not easy going from keeping a body cool in summer and then having to switch to suddenly keep in the warmth in winter.

    Seasonal changes are recognised as being associated with health conditions in some traditional systems of medicine like TCM or Ayurveda. Change of season, or extreme climatic conditions are a good time to give your dog extra support. 

    And if you've been going through these life stressors - moving house, going on holiday, having a change in the family (new partner, baby etc), getting sick? - then research shows your dog has become stressed in sync too.

    Bad Stress. Good Stress.

    'Good stress', known as eustress, is a positive cognitive response to stress that's healthy - your dog's engaged, happy, and learning. A little bit of stress makes us stronger! While the stress response is a normal part of daily life, it's harmful when triggered too intensely or for too long - and then it becomes bad stress or distress.

    What happens with bad stress? Well, in simple terms, the effects of stress on the immune system may shift from immunoenhancement to immunosuppression.The immune system can forget how to function normally. (It's called immune dysregulation.) The system needs a Pep-Up!

    Not only that, but chronic stress is associated with high levels of cortisol in the blood stream, which in turn has been related to a number of human disorders including obesity, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, immune disturbances, altered endocrine responses and nervous system disorders. Research also shows that chronic stress from anxiety disorders is associated with shortened lifespan in dogs.

    What's Inside Can Help!

    Research and clinical experience has shown the ingredients in The Pep-Up to be effective in helping your dog's immune system cope better with stress. They’re in The Pep-Up in clinically effective quantities.

    200mg marigold extract per chew plus papaya powder, ashwagandha extract, astragalus extract, reishi extract, shiitake extract, maitake extract and gelatin, water, canola oil, glycerine, tapioca starch, salt, beef bone broth, MCHA bone meal.

    The Pep-Up is based on research

    The Pep-Up is based on our consulting vet's clinical experience (over 35 years), as well as a number of research studies.

    In a nutshell, this is what they show:

    Chronic stress suppresses the immune system.

    Anxiety is a form of stress but there are others.

    The knock-on health impacts can be wide-ranging and serious.

    Adaptogens and other foods and herbs can support the immune system and help it return to normal function.

    Adaptogens are also 'stress-protective'.

    Based on science. Designed for lifetime support.

    bestie gummy chews are holistic vet formulated and based on published research, to support your dog's health with therapeutic doses of multiple nutraceuticals, from pup to senior.


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