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THE SMOOCH dog bad breath health chew

Help improve your dog’s bad breath

By two years of age, 80% of dogs have some form of periodontal disease, and your dog's bad breath could be an early signal. The Smooch's antioxidant blend of citrus bioflavonoids, green tea extract, cranberry, blackcurrant, sage and thyme, helps decrease bad breath and improve oral health.

    Size: Small dog 10kg and under (60 chews)

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      What's Inside

      Research and clinical experience has shown the ingredients in The Smooch to be effective in improving the breath and oral health. They’re in The Smooch in clinically effective quantities.

      200mg citrus bioflavonoids per chew plus cranberry juice powder, green tea extract, thyme, sage, egg albumen, blackcurrant powderand gelatin, water, canola oil, glycerine, tapioca starch, salt, beef bone broth, MCHA bone meal.

      Improve your dog's oral health.

      Your dog's bad breath is mostly caused by oral bacteria and sometimes the gut, and can lead to more serious periodontal disease.

      Just Doggie Breath?

      What's your dog's breath like? 

      If it's revolting all the time, terrible soon after having their teeth cleaned, or even a bit whiffy sometimes...

      Add to this picture red or bleeding gums and yellow or dirty teeth...and that stinky breath aka halitosis, could signal something more serious - not just poor oral hygiene but also gingival and periodontal disease or mucosal disease.

      Halitosis is a very unpleasant and potentially serious problem but research trials show that you can help reduce this oral health problem with the right dietary supplements.

      Not Just a Smell Problem

      Bad breath may be the first sign of periodontal disease that you actually notice. Periodontal disease, if left unchecked, will progress and won’t resolve on its own. Irreversible periodontal disease usually leads to bone loss, and tissue destruction. Periodontal infections have been linked to numerous systemic maladies including diabetes mellitus, heart, lung, liver, and kidney disease, early mortality.

      Periodontal disease is by far the number one health problem in small animal patients. By two years of age, 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have some form of periodontal disease. Small and toy breed dogs are particularly susceptible.*

      Given that only about 2% of pet owners practise daily tooth brushing, which is considered the most reliable approach to remove plaque and in turn reduce the onset of gingivitis, periodontal disease, and stinky breath, a research-based nutraceutical supplement, may make it easier to support good oral health.

      *According to the World Small Animal Veterinary Association Global Dental Guidelines

      The Smooch is based on research

      The Smooch is based on two key research studies, and is adapted by our holistic vet, Dr Kathy Cornack.

      In a nutshell, this is what they show:

      Stinky breath or halitosis is a common problem

      It can be a sign of periodontal disease

      While daily tooth brushing is the most reliable approach, most people don't do it

      Dogs given a specific dietary supplement had a noticeable improvement in 10 days and significant improvement after 30 days

      Based on science. Designed for lifetime support.

      bestie gummy chews are holistic vet formulated and based on published research, to support your dog's health with therapeutic doses of multiple nutraceuticals, from pup to senior.


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